Chef Carlos

Skateboard wheels click across the bricks of a downtown Lubbock avenue. A teenager named Carlos has to land one final trick before the authorities show up to put and end to the afternoon fun. The sound of steel sliding down a handrail pierces the air, and a group of his buddies cheer the accomplishment.

Several years later, Carlos Rangel has found a passion for cooking working in restaurants all over Lubbock. He decides to follow his dreams and sets of for the mountains of Colorado, landing in the Culinary Arts Program at Johnson and Wales University in Denver. The lessons learned there inspire a lifelong passion for the chemistry of food. Why does this sauce tastes the way it does? How can I make this dish in a way it has never been done before? And finally, what can be done to make Lubbock a more interesting place to live and dine?

Chef Carlos returns to Lubbock eager to make his mark on the culinary scene. His food has been enjoyed from the sky boxes of United Supermarkets Arena, to the kitchens of people all over the area looking to have both excellent food and an exciting party. Carlos Rangel still does things his own way, loves to bend the rules, and put smiles on the faces of everyone whom he meets. Now, he proudly presents for your enjoyment both Platform Restaurant and BCS Catering.

Platform Restaurant reflects Chef Rangel's love for all things West Texas, and pays homage to classic French and International cookery. It is a place where the Caesar dressing is always bright yellow and from scratch, and the entrees reflect the spice and smoke of our home state. Classic approachable cuisine with a careful and chef curated touch. Invite BCS Catering to your event, and the possibilities become limitless, including the most exceptional local produce, to a flaming table side dessert prepared by Chef himself. Carlos Rangel is back in Downtown Lubbock, Ladies and Gentlemen, and things are about to get a lot more fun around here.